A group of smiling people holding posters with lesson plans and posing for photo.

Vision: A Just World

Mission: MCIC supports, connects and amplifies the work of our members and partners. We directly engage and collaborate with Manitobans for global sustainability.

Strategic Directions


Strategic Plan 2018-2023

MCIC’s Strategic Plan was developed based on a consultation process that engaged member organizations, external stakeholders, board members and staff.

The input of these stakeholders significantly informed the strategic plan and will guide our operations until 2023. Our work will continue to be grounded by the Istanbul Principles and support the Sustainable Development Goals.




Support connections and capacity development in members and partners for greater impact.

  • Provide valued resources for members and other partners
  • Contribute to local, provincial and national networks
  • Generate and share good practices and lessons learned



Engage the public to be active global citizens.

  • Facilitate youth and educator engagement in active global citizenship
  • Engage Manitobans in fair trade learning and action
  • Facilitate global citizenship learning events for Manitobans
  • Collaborate with other organizations for public engagement
  • Enhance the profile and amplify the work of MCIC and its members and partners


Support international cooperation through funding.

  • Retain provincial and federal government support for international development projects
  • Distribute funds to international projects that are aligned with our development principles
  • Diversify funding sources for international cooperation, when possible



Maintain and strengthen organizational wellness.

  • Maintain diverse, engaged and effective board and committees
  • Maintain diverse and engaged staff team in a positive and supportive workplace
  • Maintain effective and efficient operational processes
  • Navigate organizational change and individual learning