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A new series of global citizenship stories and the impact of participation in MCIC’s programming over the years.

For many years, MCIC has been cultivating a network of partners—Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) staff, volunteers, educators, students, business leaders, activists, and countless others working in international cooperation and social justice.Where are they now logo showing a globe and ripple waes

Activities such as skills trainings, creative arts-based programs, conferences, events, and workshops all involve a key concept: participation. In recognition of all those who have participated in some way with MCIC over the past fifty years–MCIC is celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2024–we are launching an exciting new series called Where are they now?

The stories we share will celebrate participation in projects and activities as well as feature the impact of this participation. This could be achievements in sustainable development, social change and/or other signs of building a more just and sustainable world.

Who is a global citizen

Those we feature throughout the series are true global citizens. Being a global citizen means that we see and understand that we are all connected and that we act responsibly knowing that everything we do can have an impact on our global community.

graphic reads: A global citizen is someone who sees and understands the ways we are all connected and acts responsibly, knowing that everything we do can have an impact on our global community.

Global citizenship is a life-long journey. And like all journeys, we will experience countless events and encounter people along the way that shape who we are. MCIC aims to contribute to and enhance all Manitobans global citizenship journey whenever possible and appropriate.

We share these stories with gratitude and celebration.

Janet Momoh

Human rights lawyer, founder of INEDEM

Janet Momoh headshot

In 2006, Janet participated in a program for new young Canadians organized by MCIC and the African Theatre Project. Today, she is a human rights lawyer and founder of INEDEM.

We caught up with Janet in her home country, Sierra Leone, where she is currently working.

About the photos:

Top picture credit - Score Against Poverty