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Global Citizenship Awards

Outstanding Take Action Project Award

MCIC’s Outstanding Take Action Project Award recognizes students in Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability (40S) who have undertaken exceptional Take Action Projects. All students that complete Take Action Projects are encouraged to apply.

The award includes a cash prize, certificate and public recognition at MCIC’s Annual General Meeting and your school’s award celebration night.

The application process is now open to both first and second-semester students participating in the course.

Deadline: May 14, 2021


Six students demonstrating awardsWinners will be selected based on the criteria below. Students who are completing their Take Action Projects in the second/final term are eligible based on the same criteria, reasonably describing any aspects of the project that may not be completed by the application due date. Applicants must complete the online application which requires them to explain the following:

  • Summary of project
  • Concept (eg: What was the main objective of your project? How did you carry it out?)
  • Scope and range of project (eg: Who did/will the project reach? How many people were/will be involved or influenced?)
  • Content (eg: How does the topic relate to the Areas of Inquiry? How did/will the project educate, inform, or raise awareness of an issue?)
  • Personal benefit (eg: What did you learn from doing this project/about the issue/about your community?)

Details & Eligibility

Four (4) prizes of $250 will be awarded in June 2021. Individuals and groups may apply. One (1) monetary prize will be awarded per winning project; all winners will receive the “Outstanding Take Action Project Award” recognition and certificate.

To be considered for this award, applicants must:

  • be enrolled in and successfully complete Global Issues: Citizenship and Sustainability (40S) in the 2020-2021 school year. Students enrolled in second term must be expected to successfully complete the course by their teacher.
  • be graduating from a Manitoba school in June 2021 or returning to study at a Manitoba school in September 2021
  • be a resident of Manitoba
  • complete and submit this application

Application deadline: May 14th, 2021

Please contact Grace at or 204-987-6420 with any questions or comments.

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Global Citizenship Award for Educators

The Global Citizenship Award for Educators is an initiative of MCIC to recognize Manitoba teachers and administrators who have been leaders in promoting global citizenship. Awards will be given to one recipient in each of the following categories: middle years teachers, high school teachers and administrators (including principals, vice principals, superintendents, trustees and other divisional or Manitoba education staff).

A donation will be made on behalf of recipients to charity of their choice and they will be recognized at MCIC’s Annual General Meeting.

Selection Process

ey-awards-edu-1.jpg (134 KB)

Step 1: Nominations may be submitted by colleagues (other teachers or administrators) by completing an online form until May 14, 2021. We encourage administrators at Manitoba middle years and high schools to nominate teachers for the award. Teachers are encouraged to nominate administrators.

Step 2: Nominees will receive a copy of the nomination, and will be asked to provide additional information and verification.

Step 3: Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of educators and international development organization staff to select award recipients. A donation will be made on behalf of recipients to an international development organization of their choice and they will be recognized at the Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation. If desired, a representative of MCIC will be available to present the award at a school event in spring 2021.

Nominations must be submitted online by May 14, 2021.

Selection Criteria

Application assessment will be based on the following criteria:

  • extent to which the educator demonstrates active global citizenship;
  • extent to which the educator demonstrates leadership and helps to develop leadership in others;
  • extent to which the educator supports global citizenship efforts by others;
  • impact of the educators work on the school, division, community or world.

Both work within the school or school division, and work at the community, provincial, national and international levels are eligible.


  • Nominees must be current staff or elected officials at a Manitoba educational institution, school division or Manitoba Education.
  • Previous winners of the Global Citizenship Award are not eligible for nomination.

Please contact Grace at or 204-987-6420 with any questions or comments.

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Two award receipients with awards hugging

Active Global Citizenship: A global citizen understands that his/her actions have an impact here and around the world. Active global citizenship means taking action to build a more just and sustainable world, and may include:

  • Education for Sustainable Development initiatives
  • Supporting student-led initiatives
  • Making connections between the classroom and non-profits or charities with a global focus
  • Working on public awareness campaigns
  • Creating learning resources
  • Personal lifestyle/consumer choices
  • Work on policy or institutional changes
  • Advocacy or campaigning for change within community, provincial, national or international institutions
  • Working with elected leaders to promote positive change
  • Fundraising for non-profits or charities with a global focus
  • Volunteering with an organization with a global focus

Leadership: Leadership means taking initiative to support and promote global citizenship. Leadership may be demonstrated through a formal position (eg: a principal setting a school policy) or an informal position (eg: teacher acting as a role model for others).

Supports efforts by others: An educator who supports others’ global citizenship efforts uses his/her position to give resources, credibility or time to global citizenship initiatives of other staff, students or community members.