A Better World is InSight: A 360° Video Experience

pavilion with a boothA Better World is Insight is an innovative immersive experience coming to Manitoba! A 360 degree cylinder that provides virtual reality without the glasses, InSight will provide a unique and innovative educational opportunity to youth across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. InSight is based on shared experience of immersive films created by the United Nations and international development community, and hands-on STEAM-based learning activities. Participants will learn about the challenges people in the Global South face, and together, explore innovative solutions taught through our workshops. You can learn more about Insight at insightproject.ca.

InSight utilizes an innovative 6-meter cylinder created by Igloo Vision that provides audiences with an immersive 360° video experience. MCIC will be offering three educational workshops based around 360 videos centered on the themes of climate action, gender equality, and fair trade and their connection to SDGs. Each of these workshops runs for 60-90 minutes and can accommodate 30-45 students.

A Better World is InSight in Manitoba is scheduled for spring 2022. Stay tuned for more details!