Virtual Workshops in Your School

Want to bring global issues into your classroom in a fun, engaging and interactive way?

MCIC in-class workshops are designed to help teach students in grades 5-12 about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to respect COVID-19 safety precautions, we have adapted some of our SDG workshops to be delivered virtually. Our goal is to help you continue to provide your students with quality education on the SDGs and global development!

How it works:

Each workshop has been designed so that MCIC’s education specialist and claWorkshop game.JPG (1.76 MB)ssroom teachers can work together to offer interesting and interactive workshops on several key SDGs. The MCIC education specialist will facilitate workshop introductions, activities and debriefs remotely over video call. MCIC will provide the classroom teacher with step-by-step instructions for printing and distributing materials to students and facilitating the workshop.

MCIC is offering two types of workshops in order to comply with COVID-19 social distancing requirements:

  1. Zero Contact Workshops
    • No physical contact required between students
    • Students remain at their own desks for the duration of the workshop
    • The only materials required are printed sheets for each student
      • Global Poverty: Building a Good Life and Breaking the Cycle (time required: 50-70 minutes): This two-part workshop focuses on the themes of equality vs. equity, basic needs, the poverty cycle, and understanding the societal barriers associated with poverty.
      • Good Work (time required: 50-70 minutes): This workshop focuses on the themes of child labour and children’s rights. Students will compare the different types of work that children in other countries engage in with the chores and work they do in their own lives.
      • Climate Change Workshop (time required: 60 minutes):  Engage your students in a “Council of All Beings” and explore Canada’s Arctic through our new Climate Change Virtual workshop. Students will explore a scenario based in Churchill caused by climate change. Each student will play a role in the action, and discuss various human, environmental and social impacts of living with climate change.
  2. Minimal Contact Workshops
    • Students will be in contact with some common objects, such as blocks, yarn, etc.
    • Teachers are required to ensure the objects used are properly sanitized prior to use
      • Banana Webs (time required: 30 minutes): By creating two different webs tracing the path of bananas from field to plate, students will explore the differences between conventional and fair trade bananas.

Booking Your Workshop

If you are interested in booking a workshop or have any questions, please email

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