IDW Resources

IDW may only be one week of the year each February, but at MCIC we believe that acknowledging the role of Canadians in international cooperation and the importance of the SDGs should be a conversation all year long. We have compiled several great resources to educate and inspire Canadians of all ages on global issues and sustainability, perfect for IDW and thereafter. Check them out below!

IDW Student Reading Contest

Every February, we invite Manitoba students of all ages to submit the International Development related titles they've read recently for a chance to win a pizza party for their class! Stay tuned for details of our 2024 Student Reading Contest. 

Two students reading books independently

Student Book List


Our 2023 Reading List for Global Students features books for students from Kindergarten-Grade 12. We encourage all students to become global students by exploring the world through reading!

If you’re an educator, we hope that you share these books with your classroom to encourage students to become global citizens for life.

Lady in a chair reading a book

Annual Book List


This year, our book list has been organized into five new categories: inspiring stories of social justice, climate activism, indigenous voices featuring Manitoba authors, political povs, and stories of perseverance.

Explore books from different perspectives and share them with your family, friends, and with us online! If you pick up a book from our book list, let us know! Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use #GoForTheGoals.

Multimedia List


This year we are proud to present our first IDW Multimedia List. This list has been specially curated by MCIC staff to feature inspiring resources that connect us with themes of sustainability, gender equality, and global issues. We hope they will enlighten and inspire you to help fight for a just world.

Documentary List


Our documentary list features six films that highlight themes of international issues and global sustainability.

After watching, join the conversation online! Share what documentary you watched or some of your other favourites that are not on this year's list. We'd love to see what you're watching!

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