Farima Afaq hosts MCIC's International Development Week 2023 kickoff at the Manitoba Legislature, standing on stage behind a podium.

International Development Week

International Development Week (IDW) brings together Canadians, from coast to coast to coast, to share and celebrate our contributions to international development assistance.

International Development Week is recognized in the first full week of February each year. Join us as we Go For The Goals!


About IDW

Since its inception in 1991, International Development Week (IDW) has been observed each February and celebrates Canadian contributions to international humanitarian assistance throughout the world. IDW offers an opportunity to recognize and highlight the unique role Canadians play in building a better world. It encourages us–especially our youth–to be informed and to get involved in international issues!

The theme for IDW is “Go for the Goals”, which refers to the United Nation's 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

Each year MCIC releases our Book and Media Lists for Global Citizens ahead of International Development Week! Click here to explore our 2023 lists.

Stay tuned for updates and information on how to join us during IDW in February 2024 and let's all #GoForTheGoals !