Sustainability Break: Fair Trade Coffee Break with MCIC


About this Event
Join MCIC for a virtual coffee break in recognition of World Fair Trade Day.

Learn about the legacy and sustainability of coffee and how Fairtrade aligns with the SDGs. Also, we'll share a featured producer video that demonstrates how fair trade has enhanced the viability of a career in coffee production for young people in Columbia, as the average age of coffee producers continues to rise.

Fair trade aims to empower marginalized producers in improving their own living conditions. With the proper resources, capacity, and key relationships, disadvantaged producers are able to create a better life for themselves and their communities.

This presentation focuses on coffee, the best-known and most widely accessible Fairtrade product. Coffee is steeped in history and requires skill and knowledge to produce. Coffee also requires very specific growing conditions, which are threatened by climate change and other environmental issues. This presentation will show how Fairtrade aims to mitigate environmental harm, and the steps it takes to ensure social justice for producers.

Take action for fair trade and join us!


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