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February 8, 2021, WINNIPEG – International Development Week may have more relevance to Manitobans this year than in the past. Never has there been a year when Manitobans have felt more connected and a part of the global community. As COVID-19 so clearly demonstrates, health emergencies on one side of the globe have the power to completely transform the lives of Canadians on the other. The one thing the pandemic has truly demonstrated is that we are all connected to each other. "No one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe" or until such time enough of us are vaccinated.

International Development Week, February 7 – 13, 2021, brings together Canadians, from coast to coast to coast, to share and celebrate our contributions to international development assistance. It offers a unique opportunity to highlight the role Canadians play in building a better world, and encourages more of us to be informed and to get involved. The theme this year is Go for the Goals: A Better World Together.

Manitobans have a long history of supporting international development, through their donations to non-governmental organizations, and the support of our provincial government. This year, the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation (MCIC) reached out to our members partners to discuss projects that have received funding from Manitoba.

The Partnerships for a Just World video series amplifies the voices of Canadian organizations’ partners around the world and illustrates how important it is to work together to address inequalities. “As COVID-19 threatens a decade of global progress in building a peaceful, inclusive and prosperous world for everyone, it has also demonstrated the power of partnerships and collaboration. International Development Week offers a unique opportunity to highlight the role Canadians play in building a better world and encourages more of us, especially our youth, to be informed and to get involved,” shares Executive Director, Janice Hamilton.

“That's why our collective efforts to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are more important than ever. The 17 goals lay out a path to get us to that better world - to achieve gender equality, protect the planet and make sure everyone has access to education and healthcare, including vaccines-in Canada and abroad. While the goals are ambitious, they remain our roadmap to a brighter future. It's up to all of us to build a better world - now more than ever,” shares Patricia Maruschak, Director of Engagement and Learning.

Two of the video interviews have particularly strong connections to Manitoba. Brandon-based Marquis Project has partnered for decades with Tanzania Society of Agricultural Education and Extension. This partnership has resulted in deep connections between Brandon and the Westman region and Tanzania. Rural Development Coordinator, Beny Mwenda, studied at Assiniboine Community College and has retuned many times to talk about the partnership work that is being done in Tanzania.

Winnipeg-based Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s long-standing partnership with the Lutheran World Federation’s Vocational Training Centre in East Jerusalem is also featured. The two organizations are currently working together on a project designed to encourage Palestinian women and people with disabilities to enter vocational training. The project also works closely with local businesses in order to create work opportunities for graduates.

 The nine organizations featured in MCIC’s Partnerships for a Just World daily video campaign are:

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA): Elvis Walemba, Program Director for ADRA Thailand’s Write to Learn – School Supply Support for Refugees project speaks about the project’s work to ensure that refugee children’s right to learn is protected by maintaining basic education services in seven refugee camps in Thailand. 

Canadian Humanitarian: Eric Pocasangre, Director of Operations, Asociación SERniña in Guatemala, discusses providing comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education & support for teen victims of abuse during COVID-19. This project was implemented in partnership with Canadian Humanitarian.

Canadian Lutheran World Relief: Nour Hamayal, Gender and Inclusion Officer discusses how the GRIT Project addresses the high unemployment rates among women, girls and people with disabilities in Palestine’s West Bank.

Cuso International: Pilar García, Peru Country Representative for Cuso International, shares about a  project  to alleviate Lima’s food security issues, and empower Limeños with healthy, nutritious food and improved community organization.

IDE Canada: Lalit Sah, Senior Technical Specialist from iDE Nepal, talks about their Plant Doctor project which strives to increase the incomes and professional capacity of local entrepreneurs known as “Farm Business Advisors” and “Plant Doctors”.

Make Music Matter: Justin Cikuru, Lead Therapist and Trainer with the Healing in Harmony project in the Democratic Republic of Congo explains how the project is a unique blend of music therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. The goal is to create meaning from the trauma survivor's experience as participants are guided through their healing journey through writing, recording and producing songs about their emotions and experiences.

The Marquis Project: Benito Mwenda, Rural Development Coordinator with Tanzania Society of Agricultural Education and Extension explains how the project prepares community leaders in Mwanza, Tanzania through improved handling of household garbage.

UNICEF Canada: Dr. Sammy Poro, Adolescent Development Specialist from UNICEF Uganda speaks about the joint UNdaunted project with UNICEF Canada in Uganda. This project uses an integrated approach that includes relevant education to reduce vulnerability in adolescent girls and addresses the barriers they face attending class.

World Renew: Maribel Muñoz, Program Director of Association for a More Just Society, speaks about the Youth Impact Clubs in Honduras, a project implemented in partnership with World Renew. This project strengthens youth protective factors by supporting youth to experience healthy family relationships and self-esteem, strengthen character, build their capacity to socialize, build coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills, recognize their rights, and encourage regular school attendance.

What is International Development Week?

The Manitoba virtual launch of International Development Week  will be on Tuesday, February 9 at 12:00 pm.  There will be some short videos and opportunity to win prizes with our trivia quiz. The launch is open to the public. REGISTER FOR THE LAUNCH HERE:


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