New research on the impact of Make Music Matter’s Healing in Harmony music therapy program demonstrates the intervention’s effectiveness in improving women’s mental health following conflict-related trauma and sexual violence.

The study, published in Global Mental Health, revealed significant reductions in PTSD, anxiety, and depression, sustained up to six months post-completion of the program despite instability in the region and evidence of continued experience of conflict-related trauma.

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Impact of the Healing in Harmony program on women's mental health in a rural area in South Kivu province, Democratic Republic of Congo
To read more insights about the findings, what it means to the organization, and to the wider humanitarian community, researcher and Make Music Matter’s Lead Therapist Justin Cikuru shares a few words here.

Learn more about their Healing in Harmony music therapy program. We sat down with Justin Cikuru, Lead Therapist and Trainer of Make Music Matter, and he talked to us about their project “Healing in Harmony” in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Watch now!

To learn more about their important work, you can visit their website here.