May is World Fair Trade Month! Celebrate with the Winnipeg Fair Trade Town Committee who invited Chef Karen Peters, a local chef who uses local, organic and fair trade (LOFT) products to bake us a fair trade dark chocolate cake as a way of getting the word out!

Watch Karen bake the cake in this video! All ingredients can be sourced in Winnipeg at DeLuca’s or Sobey’s Cash & Carry. 

Check out Karen’s blog for the scrumptious fair trade chocolate cake recipe!

Did you know?!

Fair trade practices help producers and workers in the Global South with a living wage or return on their products, on sustainable stewardship of the natural environment, and on human rights due diligence for children, women and men.

Get Involved!

Assist the Committee in getting the word out - share the recipe and/or video on your social platforms! The committee also hopes to share the recipe with media – so look for it in the news this month. Manitoba has four Fair Trade Towns – Gimli, Brandon, Selkirk and Winnipeg – and a number of Fair Trade Workplaces (including MCIC), Faith Groups, Schools and Campuses.

For more information on the national grassroots effort on fair trade, check out the Canadian Fair Trade Network.