The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign takes place between International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November 25 and Human Rights Day on December 10. Over these 16 days, we spoke with five human rights and social justice experts about improving global activism to end violence against women.

We asked what actions can we take to bring about a world free of violence against women and girls?

We've created a playlist of these interviews so you can learn and be inspired from a great group of experts all in one place.

In short, their suggestions include: 

  • Ensure that the campaign to end VAWG is an everyday renewed commitment, year round
  • Seek creative ways to engage men and boys
  • Make ethical choices with our media consumption and production
  • Have more conversations about VAWG
  • Support victims and survivors of violence
  • Create safer spaces for women and girls
  • Ensure better practices and structures are in place to support survivors
  • Condemn aggression and violence towards women and girls
  • Change the negative discourses on femininity and masculinity
  • Address the ways our expectations of gender influence gender-based violence
  • Understand how our individual and collective decisions encourage VAWG
  • Take active steps in transforming narratives and attitudes through the media
  • Women should recognize the importance of their roles within families and the societies
  • Women should raise boys to be respectful and hold them accountable
  • Take action to involve more women in government decisions and in developing policies that promote gender equality

Thank you to Bob Chrismas, Laine Munir, Michele Lemonius, Sabena Singh, and Oyíndàmólá Áláká for sharing your wisdom with us throughout this series!