Support from Manitoba has reached Pakistan, where record monsoons in the late summer resulted in a climate disaster displacing millions of people and flooding one-third of the country. In September, the Government of Manitoba provided $200,000 in additional funding for MCIC’s Relief and Rehabilitation Fund to help respond to this humanitarian crisis. These funds have been directed to four MCIC members to support families with health services, water, shelter and agricultural recovery.

In Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, Save the Children Canada is delivering a broad response across sectors to provide for basic human needs. Save the Children will direct $50,000 of Relief and Rehabilitation funding to household and hygiene kits in the low-lying province’s worst affected districts.

water-entering-in-villages.jpeg (85 KB) Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) is also supporting projects in Sindh province. CLWR and Norwegian Church Aid are supporting the Research and Development Foundation, their local partner, to help provide for the basic needs of marginalized groups: households headed by women, people with disabilities and the elderly. This project includes winterization of emergency shelters and delivery of water, hygiene and non-food necessities.

Further north in Punjab province, HOPE International Development Agency is providing food relief and support to help restart agricultural production. 76% of Pakistan’s food grains are grown in Punjab, and many families rely on agriculture for their livelihood. These two factors have combined to create a long-term food security crisis. The $50,000 in Manitoba grant funding to HOPE will help them provide ongoing food relief in Sargodha district, one of the most heavily affected areas of Punjab.

Development & Peace – Caritas Canada also received $50,000 in grant funding, which they are using in partnership with Caritas Pakistan to support 400 households with food, water, hygiene and health services. Access to these supplies has been an ongoing challenge, and this support is part of a larger effort by Caritas Pakistan to support 13,500 households with basic needs.

These four organizations are among 12 MCIC members supporting relief projects in Pakistan. Links can be found about each member’s response and support them directly in our previous Pakistan update.

Thumbnail image: Save the Children Canada

Article Image: Development & Peace – Caritas Canada