They’re just finishing high school, but eight Manitoba students didn’t wait to graduate before changing the world. At out Annual General Meeting in June, we gathered to recognize their hard work with our Outstanding Take Action Project Awards.

Take Action Projects are a major part of Global Issues 40S, a high school course in Manitoba, which was developed with the help of MCIC. The course teaches students about the problems facing our world and the creative solutions proposed and implemented to fix them, preparing them to plan and carry out a solution of their own.

These Take Action Projects are a source of inspiration in their schools, communities, and for all Manitobans, and this year’s projects were no exception! Each of the winners of the Outstanding Take Action Project Awards for 2022-23 are impressive change-makers.

Sisler High School student Ryan Malabanan decided to focus his project on an issue he heard about constantly from his peers: financial literacy. “Financial illiteracy is not only an international and a national issue but also a local one, which I have discovered as a resident of Point Douglas,” he says. “Although I have always been interested in finance, my involvement in this project has taught me that I have an underlying desire for social action, as well as supporting individuals to become more financially literate.”

 Ryan Malabanan speaks at MCIC's 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Ryan’s project was one of four selected this year.

Jaylene, Sophia, Manvit and Clea pose for a picture on a stage

Jaylene Mudge, Sophia Loubardias, Manvit Panesar & Clea Gallego  

Westwood Collegiate 

Indigenous Night of Truth and Reconciliation 

Westwood Collegiate students are committed to truth and reconciliation, and the four students who organized Indigenous Night of Truth and Reconciliation at the school are helping to lead the way. They brought students and community members together on May 19th to hear guest speaker Tréchelle Bunn (Founder & Race Director of Reconciliation Run) talk about the damage and legacy of residential schools, watch a film and raise money for Drag the Red and Reconciliation Run.

Maye and Jelsie pose next to a poster they created for their Take Action project.

Jelsie Saul & Maye Adanzo 

St. James Collegiate  

“Her Future” Education Rights Campaign

Girls everywhere have a right to an education, but this right is not respected equally in the world today. Jelsie and Maye’s project worked to raise awareness and inspire activism for education rights, sharing the stories of girls fighting for education and showing opportunities to help. Their multimedia campaign included posters, social media posts and a website with resources for activism.

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Ryan Malabanan 

Sisler High School  

Increasing Financial Literacy in Manitoba Schools 

Using his unique perspective and experience, Ryan’s Take Action Project aims to support young Manitobans with financial literacy. As a resident of Point Douglas and member of Manitoba’s Student Advisory Council, Ryan spoke to staff from Manitoba Education and experts in financial literacy education to show the importance of these skills for all students, especially those in his community. He continues working towards his vision of a peer-run learning network for financial literacy and online resources to help young people learn about good financial choices. 

Keira Mackie  

Springfield Collegiate Institute 

Protecting Birds and Promoting Conservation

Protecting biodiversity starts in our own communities. Keira’s project aimed to make her school a welcoming place for local birds, who are key parts of our ecosystem. Her multi-pronged approach engaged fellow students with local conservation project Wildlife Haven, added feeders and baths around the school, and applied anti-collision decals to school windows. Keira persevered through budget and logistical challenges, creating a sustainable maintenance plan with SCI staff and students to continue supporting wildlife and pollinators in Oakbank. 

Four outstanding Manitoba educators were also honoured for their community leadership, receiving our Global Citizenship Awards for Educators.  

Outstanding Manitoba educators who were awarded MCIC's 2023 Global Citizenship Award.

Chris Todd, Vice-Principal - Bairdmore School 

Described as “instrumental” in leading Bairdmore School’s efforts towards the Sustainable Development Goals, Chris has helped make her school more inclusive and supported land-based learning resources to deepen students’ relationships with their environment. Her work has resulted in a Tower Garden module that moves between classrooms, a new “Belonging Week” where students connect with their community, and an ongoing grant application for an Indigenous medicine garden.  

Amanda Tétrault & Jessica Condo, Middle School Teachers - École River Heights School 

École River Heights School’s Team 17 brings the Sustainable Development Goals to life, promoting sustainability and climate action in their community with the support of Amanda Tétrault and Jessica Condo. Team 17’s initiatives this year brought them to 15 classes in six elementary schools, making peer presentations to more than 350 students and inspiring change throughout Winnipeg School Division. Their leadership on Team 17 has helped motivate and document a prolific year of awareness raising, education and solutions for the SDGs at ERHS.  

Kathleen Elgar, High School Teacher - Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School 

Themes of justice and equality are pervasive in Kathleen Elgar’s English classes, with challenging literature selections and tough conversations lead with empathy and compassion. She coaches LSRCSS’ Ethics Bowl team, helping them explore complex issues with respectful dialogue, and takes the same approach with her classes. Her commitment to the values in the SDGs - equality, peace, and justice is instilled in her students.

A huge congratulations to this years' student and educator award winners! We look forward to following your journeys as inspiring Global Citizens.

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