Fairtrade Canada: Bananas, Eh? Canada's Role in Fixing the Banana Problem

Did you know the average Canadian consumes more than 15 kilograms of bananas every year? It's no wonder bananas are so important to national economies, and to consumers here in Canada. 

Unfortunately, banana production is not quite as cheerful as their bright colour. Rising input costs, climate change, COVID-19, disease and exploitation are all challenges faced by banana producers around the world. On May 25 at 11am CST, Fairtrade Canada is bringing together a panel of speakers from throughout the supply chain to examine how Canada can help improve the sustainability of banana production for the future. 

This movement is building momentum, with major grocers across Canada beginning to offer Fairtrade Organic bananas. Hear from a global panel on how Canadians can accelerate the movement toward sustainable bananas! 


This event will be available in English, French, and Spanish. View instructions on how to access your language of choice here.

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